Become carbon neutral

Everything you do generates some emissions. Consumption of energy, heating, cooling, logistics, traveling… Everything! All these contribute to your carbon footprint.


Make CO2 neutrality part of your sustainability strategy and start working on your carbon footprint. With measuring, reducing and offsetting your carbon footprint you
could become carbon neutral.


Carbon neutral companies are environmentally friendlier and energy wise one-step ahead of their competition. Reducing emissions also leads to lower costs, higher energy efficiency use and less pollution.


With our CO2 NEUTRAL label you can tell the World that you take care about efficient use of energy and emissions and thus about our planet and future quality of life.

Calculate your carbon footprint

We can calculate and verify your carbon footprint.

Plan your carbon reduction

We can help you optimize your carbon footprint and set goals to reduce your impact on the environment.


We can help you become CO2 NEUTRAL in accordance with global standards.

Communicate your CO2 neutrality

Tell your customers, owners, competitors and other stakeholders that you care about our planet.


Please contact us in case you are selling or buying voluntary products
We will provide the most competitive quote at given moment

How to become carbon neutral?

Calculate your carbon footprint

You can play an important role in tackling climate change. Improve your business efficiency and become sustainably competitive through reducing your impact on the environment. The first step toward managing your company carbon emissions is to measure them. Based on that our company can calculate your carbon footprint, help you optimize it and if adequate, verify its compliance according to global standards.

You already have your own carbon footprint calculation and do not know what to do with it? Contact us and we will help you to do next step to become CO2  NEUTRAL.

Prepare your emission reducing strategy

We can help you prepare strategy and set goals to reduce your impact on the environment. We can also prepare an offer to offset your carbon footprint and become CO2 NEUTRAL.


Once you have successfully offset your carbon footprint, we can grant you a certificate of achieving carbon neutrality and the right to use our CO2 NEUTRAL label in your corporate communication strategy.

Our future depends on the planet’s future and the future of planet depends on us.

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