Press release: EEX and Belektron facilitate access to EUA and EUAA auctions

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) and the independent carbon trading company Belektron have signed a cooperation agreement to further facilitate access to the primary market auctions at EEX. The cooperation aims at opening the emissions auctions to a wider customer base, in particular, for smaller and medium-sized companies (SMEs).
Belektron will act as an intermediary who is admitted at EEX to enter bids into the auction system on behalf of its clients. The arrangements for bidding in the auctions via Belektron have been jointly developed by Belektron and EEX. In particular, Belektron guarantees to offer its services equally to all companies, independent from their size or the amount of bids.
Dr. Tobias Paulun, Chief Strategy Officer of EEX, explains: “Belektron has been a reliable partner for EEX for several years. We are pleased to strengthen our cooperation in the future with the joint aim to increase transparency in the market and to ensure equal treatment of all clients.”
Boštjan Bandelj, Director Belektron, adds: “We see an increasing demand, especially from SMEs, to gain access to the EEX primary market auctions. In this context, Belektron has positioned itself as a bridge between EU ETS compliance companies and liquid carbon markets.”
In general, interested parties can access the auctions directly, for instance as an EEX “auction-only member” or indirectly via intermediaries as Belektron that are admitted to bid on behalf of client in the auctions.

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