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Our business activities

  • buy and sell carbon emission allowances on spot and forward basis
  • buy EUAs and EUAAs on primary auctions
  • swap trades (EUAs/EUAAs/CERs)
  • exchange settled carbon transactions
  • primary CERs purchase from project owners

European carbon market

Since 2005 European Union Emission Trading System (EU ETS) has evolved into a leading global company-level “cap-and-trade” market of allowances for emitting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. It became the main tool of the EU’s policy to approach pollution problem and fight against climate change by introducing different economic incentives and reducing industrial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. EU ETS includes factories, power producers, airlines and other installations causing GHG emissions. Until 30th April each year, they must submit emission allowances to cover their CO2 emissions in previous year.

Currently we are in the third EU ETS phase, extending from 2013 to 2020, with supply of emission allowances based on partly free of charge allocation to individual companies and on nearly daily auctions of allowances. Each year the proportion of free of charge allocated allowances is linearly decreasing while the share of auctioned allowances is rising.

EU Allowance (EUA) represents the EU ETS participants’ right to emit one ton of carbon dioxide or equivalent emissions of any other GHG.

EU Aviation Allowance (EUAA) represents EU ETS airlines right to emit one ton of carbon dioxide or equivalent emissions of any other GHG.

As of January 1st 2012, all flights from, to and within the European Economic Area i.e. 28 EU Member States with Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are also included in the EU ETS. Airlines are thus each year obliged to submit emission allowances for such flights in the previous year.  They can comply with EUAAs, EUAs and CERs.

Certified Emission Reductions (CER) emission allowance is a certified emission reductions unit issued under the CDM project carried out in countries not listed in Annex I of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Compliance companies and airlines can use these cheaper emission allowances instead of EUAs to fulfil their emissions obligations in accordance to the allocation plan of individual country.

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects are flexible mechanisms within the Kyoto protocol. They enable developed countries and companies to finance projects to reduce GHG in less developed countries. For this, they receive certified emission reductions (CER) units that they can sell or use for their compliance in alignment with the respective allocation plans.

We can approach to the specific CDM project at any phase and become its project participant.

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Voluntary markets

The voluntary carbon markets function in parallel with the compliance market. This market offers businesses, NGOs and individuals to offset their own emissions on a voluntary basis by purchasing carbon credits. These can be credits created either under CDM or under other standards operating in the voluntary market. This voluntary market operates as a matter of own (corporate) social responsibility (CSR) and/or as response to market pressure and public opinion and not as a legal obligation.

A voluntary carbon credit (VER) cannot be used by entities to meet their obligations under the compliance scheme of the Kyoto Protocol. However, a compliance carbon credit (i.e. certified emission reduction, CER) can be accepted by entities wanting to voluntarily compensate their emissions. READ MORE

VERs (Verified Emission Reductions) are a type of carbon offset units exchanged in the voluntary bases which is certified through a different voluntary certification standards that either directly or indirectly reduce CO2 emissions. These VERs are used by organizations that voluntarily want to neutralize their carbon footprint. One VER is the equivalent of one ton CO2 reduced.

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Power products

Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) ensure that electrical power was produced from renewable sources. Each GoO redemption ensures final customer that 1 MWh of electrical power was produced or brought into grid in environmentally friendly way. For every MWh of electrical power produced from renewable sources one GoO shall be issued. Once redeemed GoO becomes invalid.

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Fluorinated greenhouse gases

Fluorinated gases (F-gases) are man-made gases used in a range of industrial applications. F-gases can stay in the atmosphere for centuries with a high global warming potential. Their global warming effect is up to 23.000 times greater than carbon dioxide (CO2).

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